Refer to the exhibit. An organization connects two locations, supporting two VLANs, through two switches as shown. Inter-VLAN communication is not required. The network is working properly and there is full connectivity. The organization needs to add additional VLANs, so it has been decided to implement VTP. Both switches are configured as VTP servers in the same VTP domain. VLANs added to Switch1 are not learned by Switch2. Based on this information and the partial configurations in the exhibit, what is the problem?

A. Switch2 should be configured as a VTP client.
B. VTP is Cisco proprietary and requires a different trunking encapsulation.
C. A router is required to route VTP advertisements between the switches.
D. STP has blocked one of the links between the switches, limiting connectivity.
E. The links between the switches are access links.



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